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Meet Jess 

Jessica Morgan, LMSW operates True North Wellness. She earned her masters in social work from Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare in 2018. She also holds a B.A., in Women and Gender Studies from SBU, 2010. Currently she is pursuing a post masters certificate in experiential therapy and completed a 12 week Mindfulness-Based Eco-therapy course. She uses creative writing, poetry, art, and movement to explore the intersections of one’s internal and external landscapes. Her diverse professional experience in mental health housing, biomedical community organizing, event planning, and the arts has cultivated an unrelenting interest in the ways narrative reflection, mindfulness, nature, and adventure can enhance the life we live.

About My Practice:

Psychotherapy Services with The Curious Spirit

My practice centers around the belief that all people possess a natural intuition for health & wholeness. We are simultaneously interconnected to others and the natural world to which we bring this intuition to our greater sense of purpose among the collective whole. Human beings are a renewable source of love and compassion but oftentimes our empathetic responses in caring for others such as family members, friends, clients, or patients, can lead to feelings of burnout, stress, exhaustion, and inhibit us from caring for ourselves. I specialize with clients who find themselves in these helping/healing roles, formally and informally.

 My eclectic style utilizes ecopsychology, narrative, and experiential practices as I guide clients on their journey to self-discovery. To my practice I bring compassion, patience, and creative thinking to assist clients in unlocking life’s challenges. 

 Clients can expect a collaborative approach to this healing process as we co-create a safe forum for raising awareness around the ways you are currently experiencing life, getting in touch with the truest expression of yourself, and cultivating the life you know you are meant to live. Contact me today and let me join you in your path to self-discovery.

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Land Use Statement:

All people are from nature and deserve access to nature as an integral part of the human experience. As it stands today and historically, this access is unequal and taken by force. True North Wellness recognizes the reciprocal relationship humans are intended to have with the environment and the importance of centering people who have been marginalized by post/on-going colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchal structures within the repairing of this relationship. Five percent of proceeds for all ecotherapy sessions are directed to causes furthering this reparation.


Ecotherapy Workbook: Guided Practices for a Sustainable Self and Planet | March, 2021

About the Book:
Discover your natural capacity to sustain compassion and altruism in this heartfelt workbook about self-care, climate change, and cultivating presence at the intersection of your internal and external worlds.The Ecotherapy Workbook: Guided Practices for a Sustainable Self and Planet reminds us that the lines between self, neighbor, and planet are imagined. Our emotional wellbeing exists in a reciprocal relationship tied to our environment. Drawing on the wisdom of the natural world and the foundational work of decades of climate change activism the creators guide you through a transformational process intended to help you get un-stuck from the fear, isolation, and overwhelm caused by the intersecting crises of the Anthropocene. These guided practices equip readers with the resources to simultaneously care for themselves, society, and the earth.Fans of adrienne maree brown and Joanna Macy will love the interactive components of this workbook designed to help you take these practices from page to planet.

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