Mane & Flow (Yoga & Horses)

true north wellness jess morgan yoga with horses

Sponsored by Cocomotion

During this all-level yoga flow Jessica will begin by inviting you to embrace your strength, power, and embodied intuition. The flow includes a view of our horse guides, goat buddies, ducks, and the Pine Barrens! The gentle movement is followed by a demonstration of how to unlock your inner wisdom via the guidance of the herd. Equine facilitator Liz will engage you in self-reflection and attunement to nature with the equine assisted coaching portion of this workshop. Read more about this program here.

Upcoming Dates (10:00am-12:15pm)

To register for any Mane & Flow workshop, fill out the form below. All sessions are $75 each.

    true north wellness jess morgan yoga with horses

    Testimonials for Mane & Flow:

    Christopher M.

    Jessica and Liz's Mane and Flow program was a welcomed surprise to this novice yoga practitioner. The Mane and Flow experience guided by Jessica and Liz is a wonderful way to connect and view our world, and slow down your pace in a meaningful and deliberate manner.  In a relatively short period of time, you are given tools that you can immediately apply to virtually every aspect of your life, from your pets, to you children, friends, family and coworkers. 


    Victoria F.

    Walking into my session of Mane and Flow, I was really stressed, closed off, and preoccupied. Jess and Liz received me with open arms and held space for me to be vulnerable. The combination of mindful Yoga practice and Equine coaching served to support me in confronting and processing my emotions.  Jess and Liz, and of course horses Bob and Patrick, worked in harmony to create a safe space for me to look inward towards healing and connecting to my core values. 


    Jeanine D.

    Powerful is the first word that comes to mind when I reflect on my experience with the Mane and Flow program. Each layer of the program provides a combination of gentle surrender and daring adventure as you interact with not only yourself through yoga and breath work, but nature of the grounds, those participating alongside you and the horses.  I look forward to attending another program with Jessica and Liz. Their knowledge and collaborative energy is extraordinary!

    About our Collaboration:

    Mane & Flow is led by equine assisted coach Liz Cutting of Mane and Soul and Jessica Morgan LMSW, RYT of True North Wellness. We are two women devoted to co-creating spaces for ALL people to discover their innate tools for health and happiness.